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After you have bought the coins you will receive a code on the order confirmation page which will also be sent to your PayPal email address. You will use this code to contact us on on of your prefered communication platform (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, Slack, Discord). Afterwards we will tell you what players you have to list on the transfer market and at what price they need to enter the market. We will then identify the player and trigger the purchasement so that you receive the coins. We will repeat this kind of player transfer process until you have received the entire amount of coins you initially bought.

Ultimate Team is a real struggle. Chances are very high that you buy hundreds of packs and you will not ever get the players you initially aimed for. Eliminate all chances of getting frustrated by simply buying coins - You know what you pay for upfront and you cannot get disappointed by bad pack luck. Equip your team with the best players out there or build a top team which enables you to show off your gaming skills. Haven't you ever wanted to get a significant win streak and crush every opponent you are being matched with? Buy coins now and efford everything you need to increase all chances of being successful.

We have a high experienced team and ensure fast delivery of every amount of coins. Unlike our competitors we really care for your success and safety. That is why we certainly care that the coins you paid for actually end up at your end and not at another player's. We also have the safest transfer methods which enables us to offer a highly satisfying and reliable service to all of our customers.

Fast Delivery
We are always keen to serve blazingly fast delivery of your odered coins. 24/7 support, maximum 12h hour waiting time or money back! Coins will usually be transferred within couple of minutes after ordering.
Great Customer Support
We are 24/7 reachable over various supported communication platforms. If you run into any problem or simply want to raise a question do not hesitate to contact us!
Safe coin transfer methods
Our main goal is to have the safest coins tranfer methods on the market which do not get revealed by EA's trading detection algorithms. In contrary to our competitors we ensure safe coin transactions so that you can always have clear conscience.
Reliable transactions
Every coin transaction will be handeled manually by our customer service. Unlike our competitors who use automated coin delivery methods and blame you if they bought a player which was none of yours by mistake, we can guarantee that you will entirely recieve the amount you paid for.
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